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On the last day of creation, God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness”,

(Genesis 1:26). He finished His work of creation by personally forming Adam from the dust of

the earth and gave him life by breathing His own breath into him. Humanity is set apart as

unique among all that God created because we have both a material body and an eternal,

immaterial soul and spirit.


Since we are created by God, for His good purpose, it is imperative that we understand

what that purpose is. In this series of messages, we will take a close look at what God’s Word

reveals on this vital topic. Our goal is that you will be strengthened in your faith and equipped to

stand firmly in your true identity as a child of God.


In addition to the Sunday morning messages, the following supplemental video resources

produced by American Family Studios, a division of the American Family Association, will be

shown at our Wednesday Discipleship Classes (6:00 – 7:30 pm).


Here is the tentative schedule:


  • Wednesday, January 17th – World Views: Behaviors, Beliefs & Values

  • Wednesday, January 24th – Equipping the Church to Stand Boldly for Life

  • Wednesday, January 31st – In His Image (2 hours long – this class will last until 8 pm)

  • Wednesday, February 7th – Understanding the Dangers of “Gay Christianity”

  • Wednesday, February 14th – God’s Design for Marriage and Family

  • Friday, February 16th – “Under Construction!”

Join us for this fun, transparent look at how to understand and relate to the men/women in your life. Whether you are married, single, senior, or teen, this event will inspire and equip you to live out God’s plan for your life more effectively. More information to come.

  • Wednesday, February 21st – The Freedom of Sexual Purity

  • Wednesday, February 28th – The Seasons of Parenting

  • Wednesday, March 6th – Parenting Teenagers

  • Wednesday, March 13th – Parenting Through Proper Discipline & The Problem with Child Psychology

  • Wednesday, March 20th – Preparing Your Children for the Transgender Revolution

  • Wednesday, March 27th – A Biblical Response to Critical Race Theory

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