God is doing incredible things at New Life - thank you for being a part
of it with your giving. We are grateful and honored that you would
choose to partner with us.

The mission and vision of New Life is directly funded by the generosity of people like you.  We honor your gifts with faithful stewardship and accountability so that you can have full confidence in the financial integrity of New Life Christian Fellowship.  All donations to New Life are 100% tax deductible and year end giving statements will be provided. 
Thank you for your generosity!

Why Give?

For us, giving is about much more than simply paying bills. There is something deeper to the “why we give”.
Here are 5 main reasons we believe our generosity matters:

  • Our generous hearts are a direct response to how generous God has been to us.

  • Generous people can change the lives of people in Northeast Michigan and beyond - it is an honor that God invites us to partner with him in changing lives.

  • Generosity shows that we truly want to love like Jesus loved and establishes the right priorities in our lives.

  • When we are generous, our focus is on helping and serving others.  Jesus taught us that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

  • Giving is one of the key ways we worship God.  Being generous with what God has blessed us with is an absolute privilege and to be done with a grateful heart.

How to Give

Online Giving

Online giving is a safe and easy way to support the work of New Life by making a one time contribution or establishing scheduled giving. 

  • Our Website - Use the link at the top of the page to access our online giving.

  • Online Banking - Arrange to give through Bill Pay at your own bank's website. You will be asked for the following information:  New Life Christian Fellowship, 317 S Ripley Blvd, Alpena MI  49707, 989.354.0095 

Text to Give

Enter the "text to give" phone number, 989-282-3456, and text "LOGIN" to set up an account.  Once you have an account in place, simply text the amount you wish to give to the "text to give" phone number.  

Sunday Gatherings

If you wish to present your gifts and offerings in person, there is an opportunity for giving during our Sunday gatherings. Offering envelopes are provided in the seat backs. 

Mail Contributions

If you would prefer to send your contributions by mail, you may do so by making your check out to “NLCF” and mailing it to:

New Life Christian Fellowship, 317 S. Ripley Blvd., Alpena, MI 49707

When I give at New Life, where does the money go?

Giving at New Life helps funds international mission work and local ministries that we know and trust, as well as covering our own staff and operating expenses.   (Our building is completely paid for, so operating expenses includes things like utilities, light bulbs, kid’s curriculum, building maintenance, goldfish crackers and more.)

We partner with:

  • New Life, Bangladesh, a network of churches that live out their faith in Jesus Christ in this predominately Muslim nation.   New Life, Alpena helps support the pastors and their families as well as providing wells for small villages, flood relief and other crucial needs.  Gary and Michelle have ministered in Bangladesh, and our church has developed a strong relationship of love and support with these precious brothers and sisters.


  • Options Pregnancy Center of Alpena exists to help women make their best decisions regarding an unexpected pregnancy and related issues.  They offer compassionate support and hope.

  • Through Turning Hearts Ministries we help support a Messianic Jewish Congregation in Be’erSheva, Israel in partnership with PJ and Kathy Hanley of Banner of Love Ministries in New York.  Here is excerpt from a recent newsletter:

    The Spanish speaking Jewish population in the Negev is growing. They have given up their lives in all the countries of Central and South America to make Aliyah to Israel. They have been brought back to their homeland by the Lord Himself in fulfillment of His promise (Obad 1:20). But life in Israel is not easy. The cost of living is high and they are generally on the low end of the labor force. To illustrate, only two or three families out of the congregation are able to own a vehicle. Therefore they continue to need outside support to survive and be effective in the ministry. Turning Hearts, with the help of First Baptist Church of Kingston NY, and New Life Christian Fellowship, Alpena Michigan, supports the Montenegro family with $600 a month. We are much honored to be able to sow into this work in Be’erSheva and throughout the nation. The Montenegro family and our sister church in Be’erSheva, are very grateful for the help they receive. May God continue to bless them as well as those of you who support this work!

    To read the full newsletter click here:

  • Voice of the Martyrs
    The Voice of the Martyrs is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to serve persecuted Christians. The US office was founded in 1967 by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who himself spent fourteen years in Communist prison in Romania for his faith in Christ. The US organization provides practical and spiritual assistance to persecuted Christians in 68 countries. In 2016, VOM-USA completed more than 1,500 ministry projects, providing help to more than 5 million people.

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